Turning plastic waste into useful resources

Mr Brent Mickelberg MP, Member for Buderim said “The need to reduce the environmental impacts of consumer packaging and improve our recycling systems has never been more evident”.

“The Federal Government has committed $20 million to grow Australia’s recycling industry as part of a plan to ban the export of plastic and other waste”.

“Per capita Queenslanders send more waste overseas than any other state”.

“The initiative of local businessman, Mr Bernie Craven, Waste Free Systems, to reduce waste and landfill by re-purposing plastic materials is a perfect example of how people can achieve positive change”.

“I know that many local businesses are keen to lessen their carbon footprint and here we have a business turning waste into prosthetic limbs for children” Mr Mickelberg said.

Mr Craven said “We are currently working with a couple of children in developing half arm prosthetics, these kids are very active and good at sport and we are aiming to enhance their lives with the prosthetics”.

“We have about 45 hair salons on board at the moment and we’ve processed about 45 tonnes of waste in the last 3 years”.

“The business recycles 90% of waste earmarked for landfill including, metals, organic matter, paper, cardboard and plastics” Mr Craven said.

Mr Mickelberg said “It is refreshing to see a local business dedicated to helping other businesses reduce their impact on the environment, while at the same time doing something positive for their community”.

“For many years now we’ve seen an exponential increase in the consumption of plastic products and packaging that are designed for short-term or single use” Mr Mickelberg said.

“It is important that all levels of government support these initiatives to reduce the amount of waste, increase recycling and minimise the impact on our environment”.

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